About Us


Izar Jewellery is a family owned and operated business. We design and create all of our Jewellery in Brussels, Belgium using Swarovski Elements. Once these exclusive pieces are created, they are sent to Melbourne, Australia where they undergo quality control measures to ensure you receive the best creations available.
Our mission is to truly understand and fulfill our customer needs, prioritising their desire for quality and craftsmanship and to establish long lasting, satisfying relationships. We aim to accomplish this by offering the finest handcrafted jewellery on the market, at competitive prices. We take great pride in providing our customers with wearable pieces of art, each piece having a unique feature. The contemporary themes of our lines are created around Swarovski Elements, with all of our collections incorporating these elements in new and creative ways. From design, to the intricate details of manufacturing, Izar Jewellery is an exceptionally exclusive brand to hit the Australian shores.